Shadowrun, Runners Run

15th Session

Thursday August 22 to midnight Saturday August 24, 2075

• Creasy calls Commander Sneasdale to help the group get across the border from Sioux back to the PCC.
• Aztechnology is the one stealing their money. They find this out (somehow, can’t remember how)
• Carrie Cox the fixer from SF works out a meet for the group with an Aztechnology exec to buy the tomahawk.
○ They want an in person meet.
○ She needs 15 hours to set up the meet
○ They meet at the Hotel Edgewater – 5 star Hilton. They use their comp from an earlier mission to get a Suite at this fancy hotel for their meet up.
○ The buyer is “Javier Esplin” (L1/C3) – buyer looking for unique magic specimens
• “Xticant Parsers” – Head of the Aztechnology food division
• Carrie Cox gets paid 10% for being the middle woman in this meet
• Aztechnology’s subsidiary (Roxxon) is at war with Mitsuhama’s subsidiary (. This is a hostile corporate takeover in the SF area of California.
○ “Jose Niter” is heading this push as CEO of Corp Roxxon
• Terrorist name “Typhoid Tommy”. Group ask about him but don’t pursue him right now.
• Piper is on the run. Ronnie Rhodes, Karen Splinters, and Bobby Sai (“Say”). Piper has history with Aztech that isn’t good.
○ Karen Splinters taken over Piper’s territory
• Creasy wants to know how much money they can … ? … few days safely
• Piper has a hooker who was former Aztechnology wage slave.
○ “Jennifer Blue” – ex Aztechnology
• Piper is using fake ID “Jokon Lister”
Group working with Aztech closer by giving Javier magical specimens. Troll, Dznoo-Qua


Tre Tre

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