Shadowrun, Runners Run

18th Session

Monday September 18 to Wednesday September 25, 2075

Start the morning after the Oakland docks run.

Frank at Lone Star gives Nigel the Knight Errant is perusing the investigation. Get females information “Janice Ward aka Lauren” and “Rick Savage”.

They all stay at Sarai’s house (Fremont) for safety in numbers.

Piper is getting back on his feet in Palo Alto. He is in a Luxury area. SWAT is out in force in Palo Alto.

Piper set up a meet with Granite in Oakland. This is the area known as halferville, it is near chinatown. They plan to meet on Thursday at noon, at a Jamiacan restaurant called “One Love”. About 20 tables in this place and it has parking in the back.

Granite wants to hire the group to protect him while he tries to find his co-worker/friend “Justin Copperfield” (dwarf, male) who never came back from Mount Diablo. Justin has a science diary that he wants. Justin left about a 9/11/2075. Granite will pay the group ¥ 22,000/5,500 (a piece) after the job is complete. He can provide a mini-van for travelling in. Granite wants to leave Friday morning 9/27/2075.

4 Ghouls attack the restaurant and the group defends it. The manager (Troll, “Billy”) and owner (“Palmer”) is so thankful that he gives them free food for 1 year. They get 5% off their lifestyle until 9/25/2076. They also pay the group ¥1,000.


Tre Tre

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