Shadowrun, Runners Run

3rd Session
July 19, 2075 Wednesday, 10 days

Starts – One week after the last session.
Ends- 3 days later on a Wednesday 7/19/2075

The group laid low and looked for news of their job surfacing in the news.

Creasy got a call from one of his contacts to do a job. The job pays ¥5,000 nuyen plus room and board. His Russian contact Glitch would like him to bodyguard a Russian diplomat travelling to SF for a few days. They will pick up the diplomat named “Victor Von Slice” from the SFO airport and return him there. The group took one of the SFO’s security guards weekly schedule. Pissy Nooks connects with the diplomat immediately. She wanted to make more money from this mission and she aims to do it. Victor arrives Tuesday at SFO. The runners take him to a 4 star hotel (The Gold Raddison Hotel) in a rented limo. The diplomat spends Monday night in a hotel, Tuesday he has a dinner at the Japanese consulate, Wednesday he has errands and flies out of SFO.

The group finds a drone in the hotel air duct. The group tells hotel security and moves the diplomat to another hotel in the city. The runners were not able to catch the rigger, nor identify the people looking for Victor. The second hotel is the Dragon’s Den. The hotel is 40 floors tall and they are on the 12th floor. Wednesday he stops at the Zurick bank in SF which is palatial. Next they go to a lunch meeting in Russian town. Finally the diplomat delivers something from Acme delivery.

Victor gives the group an additional ¥1,000 nuyen and 1 night at the Gold Raddison Hotel for each of the runners. The runners end this mission on the SFO tarmac watching the plane take off over a row of corporate airplane hangers.

Pissy over hears 500 nuyen worth of information at the Japanese industry. Surai is able to snag ¥1,500 nuyen from ? that he can sell.

There is mysterious metahuman (Ork or Troll) in the group that was tailing Victor.

2nd Session
June 10, 2075 Monday, 3 days

The group did surveillance on The Alchemy to see when the place was busy at night. The group met at The Super Dome in San Francisco. Nigel slept with the waitress “Susie” from the Super Dome. When the group brought the wand back Piper hired a shaman called Viper to work on it for him. Sarai found 500 nuyen in a safe. Creasy found ¥500 nuyen on the Whale.

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1st Session
June 7, 2075 - Friday

San Francisco Fisherman’s wharf district is quieter at midnight but some holes seem to get busier. One of those holes is the Happy Hostel. Mr Johnson “Piper” runs this hostel for the pleasure of his clients. The runners are invited to meet Piper on the fourth floor at midnight. The group comes promptly to the meeting since they know this could mean money for everyone involved. Each runner was invited separately. As all four of them show up to meet Piper it becomes clear that this is not a solo run. Creasy the eldest of the group by 30 years arrives first and is asked to wait for everyone else to show up so the two large troll body gaurds can let them enter at once. Piper left simple instructions, “let all four of the runners enter the room together”. Pissy who is an attractive elf in her mid twenties arrives second. The second female elf Sarai who is in her late twenties arrives third after making a quick stop to the bathroom downstairs. Last but not least is Amos, a poorly dressed human in his early twenties. He also took a minute in the bathroom before meeting everyone on the third floor.

Piper wants the group to steal a magic item from the Talismonger “Barber the whale”. The Whale runs a talismonger shop in San Francisco called “The Alchemy”. The magic item Piper is interested in is a wand made from a chicken’s foot. Piper offers to pay the group ¥20,000 for this item. Pissy talks him up to ¥30,000 nuyen for the group. He seems more than happy to consider the extra money as assurance for a fancy date that he will collect on later when all this is done. Piper pays the group a ¥4,000 nuyen down payment and sends them on their way.

The Whale always has three women with him. His shop is called the Alchemy.

The Alchemy has a Host rating 6 in a Security B area. The lady working inside at the counter is called Sparky and she is magical. Sparky gives the Pissy The Whale’s voicemail number.

Creasy buys some Jazz from a street dealing kid. Creasy shoots human gangers called “Pumpkin Smashers” vs “Hate Mongers” in a fire fight. One of the Yamaha Growler bikes isn’t damaged, worth about ¥5,000 nuyen.

Welcome to San Francisco!
Meeting Mr Johnson

Welcome to San Francisco!

Piper is my name and trade is my game. California Free State is home to many incredible things. I will do my best to introduce all of them to you. California Free State is no longer under the control of the California Protectorate. We have been annexed by the PCC (Pueblo Corporate Council) in 2069. I can tell you that the people of San Francisco are more content with the PCC than they ever were when the Japanese controlled this area.

There was a period of unrest as the underground tested the new authority, attempting to establish new borders for themselves. I would say things are more stable than they have been in the past decade. Family and friends are able to return to a more normal lifestyle in the Urban Sprawl of San Francisco. M.O.M. patrols the streets where laws hold no sway.

Shadowrunners can profit from all sorts of work. If you are interested in making some creds meet me on the corner of Jefferson St and Taylor St at midnight. We will talk more.


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