Shadowrun, Runners Run

22nd Session
sometime September 2075

Deliver box to White Haired gentlemen named “Tim”.
They blow up the building and grabbed Motoko
Correction- once stiff resistance was encountered the team fought a regressing defense back out of the building leading the enemy into a clever ambush of hastily laid explosives. Once the opposing force was delt with we search the ruined building for survivors, which we found.

21st Session
Friday September 27 to Saturday September 28, 2075

1. Nigel investigates the body. It looks like Justin was dropped off after he was beat to death.
2. Matoko has a video of all the dead bodies.
3. They stop at Leon’s and take a Succubi body.
4. In Diablo they copy Justin’s cellphone and take it with him.
5. Drop off Succubi with Aztechnology.
6. Saturday after some sleep.
7. They researched Justin’s phone information.
a. part of a magical institute
b. Works for Berkeley University
8. Nigel goes to talk with some of Justin’s
a. professor Damien worked with Justin
b. Damien wants nothing to do with all of this
9. “Janice Ward aka Lauren” and “Rick Savage” (phys adept), Lauren is living in the Bay Area.
10. Creasy buys a new vehicle.
11. Peter calls for a meet at Penthouse on Market Street. 10,000/each
a. Not a trap?, delivery job (magical object), it is a double cross. They “The ancient System of Freedom”, Free Mason buildings. Clouds are always blue when the fog is not here.
b. meet in 4 hours
c. 120 stories, 1299 ft – above 80 stories is above the fog.
d. -2 die modifier,
e. 85 floor
f. “Quicksilver”, and “Ivory” (♂) are Peter’s bodyguards
g. street gang, cannot hit
hairs on the back of your neck stand up at the drop. The person at the Free Mason guild are dressed funny, like they don’t belong here. “Something is amiss”

20th Session
Friday September 27, 2075
The runners leave Ghost and Pepper

1. Fight ghouls and vampire
a. they fought on the edge of the vampires property
b. Creasy searches the vampire and gets attacked when it regenerates
c. he gets an AK 97 and 3 mags.
2. Major and Sarai – Sneak into Soler, 10 acre mining installation.
3. They see a great battle in the cave
4. 50 people sacrificed, Aztechnology blood magic.
altar is the epicenter of fog

19th Session
Wednesday September 25 to Friday September 27, 2075

• “Granite”, Dwarf, Professor at UC Berkeley.
• “Leon Backsmire”, Native American, contact in school. Shaman
• “Ghost”, human, female, bodyguard.
• “Pepper”, Troll, male, bodyguard.

The group takes dirt bikes ( Yamaha Growler ) up after Rhine Canyon, mud slides.

18th Session
Monday September 18 to Wednesday September 25, 2075

Start the morning after the Oakland docks run.

Frank at Lone Star gives Nigel the Knight Errant is perusing the investigation. Get females information “Janice Ward aka Lauren” and “Rick Savage”.

They all stay at Sarai’s house (Fremont) for safety in numbers.

Piper is getting back on his feet in Palo Alto. He is in a Luxury area. SWAT is out in force in Palo Alto.

Piper set up a meet with Granite in Oakland. This is the area known as halferville, it is near chinatown. They plan to meet on Thursday at noon, at a Jamiacan restaurant called “One Love”. About 20 tables in this place and it has parking in the back.

Granite wants to hire the group to protect him while he tries to find his co-worker/friend “Justin Copperfield” (dwarf, male) who never came back from Mount Diablo. Justin has a science diary that he wants. Justin left about a 9/11/2075. Granite will pay the group ¥ 22,000/5,500 (a piece) after the job is complete. He can provide a mini-van for travelling in. Granite wants to leave Friday morning 9/27/2075.

4 Ghouls attack the restaurant and the group defends it. The manager (Troll, “Billy”) and owner (“Palmer”) is so thankful that he gives them free food for 1 year. They get 5% off their lifestyle until 9/25/2076. They also pay the group ¥1,000.

17th Session (NO GAME)

We did some 5th edition rules practice

16th Session
Sunday August 25 to Septemeber 18, 2075

• ¥5,000 payment for Troll delivery
• Peter would like to meet over dinner 9 PM, nice place so dress. 4 star Japanese restaurant. “Hibachi”
• Public transportation is not running while under evacuation.
• Mission: Put a file into a specific. Corporate Exec – , head of electronics division.
○ Oakland docks
○ 10,000 now + 10,000 in secret + additional information 10,000
○ data dump: personnel, facility manifest, knight errant security
• The group knows they have a mole in Riley Technologies
• Do this in the next 24 hours
• Pick up data in an hour at a location in the Italian.
○ It will be in the salami. Meeting at a deli
○ data will change manifest and delete employees
• Rendezvous point on the pier to drop off the information. 9 PM Monday
• Mr. Johnson Aztec – “Sanchez”
○ A week to complete the mission. Insert the Aztech data into the SF pier.
• Double cross Riley Tech.
○ Aztech gives the group some counterfeit data.
○ the group has a week to drop the data
• Contact burned. The group was marked dropping the + 20,000
• Total 65,000
○ Creasy makes a deal to unlock their accounts from being erased every night.

15th Session
Thursday August 22 to midnight Saturday August 24, 2075

• Creasy calls Commander Sneasdale to help the group get across the border from Sioux back to the PCC.
• Aztechnology is the one stealing their money. They find this out (somehow, can’t remember how)
• Carrie Cox the fixer from SF works out a meet for the group with an Aztechnology exec to buy the tomahawk.
○ They want an in person meet.
○ She needs 15 hours to set up the meet
○ They meet at the Hotel Edgewater – 5 star Hilton. They use their comp from an earlier mission to get a Suite at this fancy hotel for their meet up.
○ The buyer is “Javier Esplin” (L1/C3) – buyer looking for unique magic specimens
• “Xticant Parsers” – Head of the Aztechnology food division
• Carrie Cox gets paid 10% for being the middle woman in this meet
• Aztechnology’s subsidiary (Roxxon) is at war with Mitsuhama’s subsidiary (. This is a hostile corporate takeover in the SF area of California.
○ “Jose Niter” is heading this push as CEO of Corp Roxxon
• Terrorist name “Typhoid Tommy”. Group ask about him but don’t pursue him right now.
• Piper is on the run. Ronnie Rhodes, Karen Splinters, and Bobby Sai (“Say”). Piper has history with Aztech that isn’t good.
○ Karen Splinters taken over Piper’s territory
• Creasy wants to know how much money they can … ? … few days safely
• Piper has a hooker who was former Aztechnology wage slave.
○ “Jennifer Blue” – ex Aztechnology
• Piper is using fake ID “Jokon Lister”
Group working with Aztech closer by giving Javier magical specimens. Troll, Dznoo-Qua

14th Session
sometime August 2075

Bullet points because the GM notes were not good this session…

• Newt – child of the smugglers in NAN
• Exxon – gas safehouse
• ¥300
• Neo Net Horizon will post
• email Theo
• Nigel finds a Speak Easy to drink at
• “We can always negotiate”
• Meet in club downtown
• Obsidian Tip – club in downtown to 5 miles from current location
• 2 hours, ¥20,000/per runner + ¥30,000
Amos heals Nigel

Session 14 recap
The Hardest Part
The hardest part of the story is yet to come. I know I’m a monster. Just don’t hate me for it. So I went over how we shot this Blackhawk guy and his wife, and how Amos had healed him enough for him to realize the end of his wife and his little girl screaming in the background. All I had to do was lean in close and whisper simple conclusions about what was going to happen to his little girl.

He gave us everything. The locations and access codes to his safehouses and that T-Bird sitting in his garage. Sadly though we had to leave the T-Bird, to much heat breathing down on us, seconds count. We new where it was stashed though. I scooped up the dead wife’s Ares and put three in his chest, me and Nigel made it look like a domestic thing.
Sarai let us know that time was up. I went to the back room, let Amos and Maj K know that they can stop staring at the kid and move out. We missed the Doc Wagon crew by about 45 seconds, and were off to a safehouse. Sarai was up on the net filling us in on the local chatter blah, blah, social upheaval, blah, that sort of thing. So I’m pretty sure we are being set up by Theo, and with Sarai set up in a safe location where she can work, the footage of our Mr. Johnson “Raul Ortega” from Maj K. and a simple image search; revealed that Theo is Ortega, and we got the drek head on camera selling us the whole run. I sent a text to Theo explaining this and requesting a meet so we can discuss payment options for services rendered.
Sarai and I picked up Nigel from the Bar he moped off to and after a quick chat about needing backup and that after Amos gives him a Detox he can get drunk all over again he was all in. We arrived at the Club an hour early, there is no such thing as early, there’s late and there’s on time. Scoped the joint out and after Sarai dominated the local host, we picked out loitering positions and waited for Theo.
Long story short he met us in the club with two bodyguards but it wasn’t really him. Just some slot head with a nano mask. We made a deal and as I was on my way out, they made a move, we dont like double crosses, a gunfight ensued. It was over in seconds but Nigel took a hit. We made it out to the Van and headed back to the safehouse.


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