Shadowrun, Runners Run

11th Session

sometime in August 2075

Some of the group accepts Angela’s invite to the Urban Brawl. This is a national event. The winner of this tournament will represent the Sioux Nation in the International Urban Brawl Championships. There are three urban brawl teams competing. “Crushing Hawk” – Teezl is the captain, “Yellow Slurry” – Barb Wire is the captain, and Explo. The tournament is a combination of racing for speed and obstacles through a maze, with a little capture the flag in the middle. It seems like everyone in the Sioux Nation is at the arena. Nigel gets the red carpet treatment with Angela. They enjoy the Brawl from box seats. Nigel makes a new friend “Slither Iron Heart”. “Slither Iron Heart” shares some native american everclear and they get trashed together.

The group gets an offer for a job. [This is the start of the module]. Creasy does some recon before they meet. The Fixer “Raul Ortega” (secretly "Theo Two Hearts), works for Aztechnology, gives them 5 days to complete the mission (Monday night – Saturday midnight). The group has the Fixer get them some Nature’s Bounty work suits and explosives. They find that Theo Two Hearts lives in a corporate gated community. There are about 30 houses in this community. The main gate has maglock 6. Theo is in the 4 house inside the gate.


Tre Tre

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