Shadowrun, Runners Run

16th Session

Sunday August 25 to Septemeber 18, 2075

• ¥5,000 payment for Troll delivery
• Peter would like to meet over dinner 9 PM, nice place so dress. 4 star Japanese restaurant. “Hibachi”
• Public transportation is not running while under evacuation.
• Mission: Put a file into a specific. Corporate Exec – , head of electronics division.
○ Oakland docks
○ 10,000 now + 10,000 in secret + additional information 10,000
○ data dump: personnel, facility manifest, knight errant security
• The group knows they have a mole in Riley Technologies
• Do this in the next 24 hours
• Pick up data in an hour at a location in the Italian.
○ It will be in the salami. Meeting at a deli
○ data will change manifest and delete employees
• Rendezvous point on the pier to drop off the information. 9 PM Monday
• Mr. Johnson Aztec – “Sanchez”
○ A week to complete the mission. Insert the Aztech data into the SF pier.
• Double cross Riley Tech.
○ Aztech gives the group some counterfeit data.
○ the group has a week to drop the data
• Contact burned. The group was marked dropping the + 20,000
• Total 65,000
○ Creasy makes a deal to unlock their accounts from being erased every night.


Tre Tre

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