Shadowrun, Runners Run

21st Session

Friday September 27 to Saturday September 28, 2075

1. Nigel investigates the body. It looks like Justin was dropped off after he was beat to death.
2. Matoko has a video of all the dead bodies.
3. They stop at Leon’s and take a Succubi body.
4. In Diablo they copy Justin’s cellphone and take it with him.
5. Drop off Succubi with Aztechnology.
6. Saturday after some sleep.
7. They researched Justin’s phone information.
a. part of a magical institute
b. Works for Berkeley University
8. Nigel goes to talk with some of Justin’s
a. professor Damien worked with Justin
b. Damien wants nothing to do with all of this
9. “Janice Ward aka Lauren” and “Rick Savage” (phys adept), Lauren is living in the Bay Area.
10. Creasy buys a new vehicle.
11. Peter calls for a meet at Penthouse on Market Street. 10,000/each
a. Not a trap?, delivery job (magical object), it is a double cross. They “The ancient System of Freedom”, Free Mason buildings. Clouds are always blue when the fog is not here.
b. meet in 4 hours
c. 120 stories, 1299 ft – above 80 stories is above the fog.
d. -2 die modifier,
e. 85 floor
f. “Quicksilver”, and “Ivory” (♂) are Peter’s bodyguards
g. street gang, cannot hit
hairs on the back of your neck stand up at the drop. The person at the Free Mason guild are dressed funny, like they don’t belong here. “Something is amiss”


Tre Tre

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