Shadowrun, Runners Run

5th Session

July 24, 2075 Monday, 4 days

The group is laying low for a little bit to see what kind of fall out they get from their explosive run Friday morning. Abraham’s Uncle Moses lets him know that someone is looking for him. Everyone checks with their contacts about the mysterious person/people who are asking about the current members of this Shadowrun team. Frank Callahan one of Nigel’s police contacts from Seattle calls him with some information. He heard that a Mr. Johnson with Riley Technologies, a subsidiary of Mistuhama Computer Technologies in Silicon Valley is the one looking for him and the other runners. Memmo the Troll physical adept is an old acquaintance of the crew is also being sought out. All the members meet up at Moses’s bar in the East Bay. Since they know who is searching them out they can try to formulate a plan of action. The intense fog that is covering San Francisco settles in while they are in the bar. When they leave a black cat is following the group. Mainly staying with Abraham. All the magical people notice that they can feel magic in the form of power all around them. They can breath it in almost.

They reach out to the Mr. Johnson and arrange a meeting. The group meets at a San Francisco Runners Club called “The Ohm”. The place is full of people and neon. There are rooms for runners to meet in private, they can be rented for ¥100 nuyen an hour. The Mr Johnson shows up on time and offers the group a job. He would like the runners to extract some information about a File from Spherex Electronics. After extracting the information the Mr. Johnson wants this data erased. He is willing to pay the group ¥64,000 for a successful run. He gives them ¥1,000 up front. The group is to keep this as quiet as possible, avoid damaging the infrastructure. The Troll Memmo works for beef. Peter the Mr. Johnson gives the group a 48 hour access pass for the facility in Silicon Valley.

Nigel researches the security side of things. The security team with the contract for this facility is called “black hawk”. It is a mid level security corp team. Abraham takes video of the facility and does some astral perception around the perimeter before the group arrives. Sarai gets a schematic of the building to find out it has 4 floors. He also hacks and gets a copy of the guard’s schedule. They find out there are 24 guards on duty with cryptic words for their locations next to their names. The shifts are 12 am – 8 am, 8 am – 4 pm, and 4 pm – midnight. Tuesday at 2 AM when they plan to hit the place there are only about 80 workers in the building.

General plan is to turn off the alarm, try and jam all commlinks, take control of the cameras for the facility.


Tre Tre

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