Shadowrun, Runners Run

6th Session

July 27, 2075 Thursday, 3 days

The group looks for an in with this run. Some way to make things a little easier. Creasy uses his contacts to find any dirt on some part of the security team. He is successful and find that the Captain of the security lead likes to visit hookers that are run by the russian mafia. Vincent Kurik is the security captain’s name with Black Hawk security. He is married so the news that he sleeps with hookers could really wreck his family. Vincent lives in Security C neighborhood. Creasy makes a house call and tells the guy that he needs to add his friends to the next security detail, or else. The group does a shift with Black Hawk security at the research lab. The decker is able to steal the information with no problems and they are gone to meet with their Mr. Johnson “Peter”. Peter has 3 bodyguards, 2 male and 1 female.

Memmo the Troll negotiates 1 male cow as ¥5,000 of his pay. The cow is at a ranch in California. The group meets Peter at the Ohm. Sarai selling equipment will take (4 weeks, price of ¥2,100). Peter lets the group know to get their passports in order because they will be travelling across borders to LA for his next job.

While waiting for their next job the group decides to do some side work and get money for Bounty Hunting. Sauder Krupp has a bounty for Typhoid Tommy. The group does some research on Typhoid and find 12 dozen possible targets. The group finds a link between Typhoid and corporate polluters. They find three installations that have reported trespassing. Creasy spends a day at each site doing physical surveillance. Nigel researches bomb types that were used in the previous attacks. Fuji seemed to have problems with Typhoid over 5 years ago.


Tre Tre

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