Shadowrun, Runners Run

8th Session

August 3, 2075, Saturday, 5 days

The group rented the two vans for their trip back to San Francisco. There were 6 cop cars along the highway leading up to 3 cop cars surrounding a van that is turned sideways in the road. The runners help the police who are being attacked by a crazy man. The police accept the help allowing the runners to fire on the assailant. There are 2 attackers who seem feral and out of control. Biting the police violently. Up close the attackers have really red bloodshot eyes and seeping pustules on their skin. The bullet shots take them down but there are 2 dead police and 2 dead attackers by the end of the encounter. The commanding officer is Sgt Simon Tuftel and the area commander is Com Sneasdale. The runners over hear the officers talking about a suspect named Barktooth. The police offer the runners a job in the force.

The group drops off the box with Peter. He checks the box in front of the runners. There is a folded up sex bot in the military style crate. Peter pays the group the rest of their fee and heads out on his way.

Piper reaches out to the group through Pissy Nooks. Piper needs help with some competition moving in on his turf. Piper meets the group at an Italian restaurant named “Georgiano’s” on Tuesday night about 7 pm, all the employees are humans. Creasy arrives in a taxi, Sarai rides her sports bike, and Nigel takes his Suzuki Mirage. Piper offers the group 7,500 per runner to figure out who is trying to take over his area. The group takes that offer and also require that Piper gives them exclusive access to work in the future. The group wants to talk to everyone at one of Piper’s safe houses in Palo Alto. Piper has a short list of 3 suspects who might be trying to move in on his territory. Ronnie Rhodes, Karen Splinters, and Bobby Sai (“Say”). The group does research on all these. Ronnie Rhodes is into gambling, located in the East Bay (Rating C and slums). Karen Splinters is a Fixer elf who uses magic. Known by most as a smuggler located in San Francisco. Bobby Sai (“say”) runs a secret fight club in china town underground (? physical description, ? 1 contact). Wednesday 9 PM they go to Piper’s safehouse and talk to the abused ladies. The safehouse is located in a Rating A area of Silicon Valley. These are Pipers assets that were roughed up by someone unknown. Sandy Long was beat up by someone in a Mitsubishi Nightsky in the East Bay, a rating B area. Cherry Chung, was beat up in a back alley in San Francisco (a rating A area). Linda Lovelace, a black human with attitude, was beat up in the East Bay Rating C neighborhood. Linda was approached in Richmond by a sedan with tinted windows. The person bum rushed her from behind so she never saw their face. Linda Lovelace has camera eyes, Sarai stole the recordings from her eyes. Finally Randy has a broken arm and beat up badly, he was in San Francicsco when this happened.

Bobby Bruiser is Piper’s guard troll. The runners do some legwork and stake out to find any more clues as to which of the three suspects is behind all of this. Wednesday they wait while ladies are picked up off the street for work and returned safely. Thursday they stakeout San Francisco again but no beatings happen. Friday the runners split up. Creasy takes the Rating C neighborhood. He post up as a bum on the street. Nigel takes the rating B neighborhood. Sarai is watching through cameras. Saturday about mid afternoon the runners go to meet Linda Lovelace… (? IP Address)


Tre Tre

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