Shadowrun, Runners Run

Session 14 recap

The Hardest Part

The hardest part of the story is yet to come. I know I’m a monster. Just don’t hate me for it. So I went over how we shot this Blackhawk guy and his wife, and how Amos had healed him enough for him to realize the end of his wife and his little girl screaming in the background. All I had to do was lean in close and whisper simple conclusions about what was going to happen to his little girl.

He gave us everything. The locations and access codes to his safehouses and that T-Bird sitting in his garage. Sadly though we had to leave the T-Bird, to much heat breathing down on us, seconds count. We new where it was stashed though. I scooped up the dead wife’s Ares and put three in his chest, me and Nigel made it look like a domestic thing.
Sarai let us know that time was up. I went to the back room, let Amos and Maj K know that they can stop staring at the kid and move out. We missed the Doc Wagon crew by about 45 seconds, and were off to a safehouse. Sarai was up on the net filling us in on the local chatter blah, blah, social upheaval, blah, that sort of thing. So I’m pretty sure we are being set up by Theo, and with Sarai set up in a safe location where she can work, the footage of our Mr. Johnson “Raul Ortega” from Maj K. and a simple image search; revealed that Theo is Ortega, and we got the drek head on camera selling us the whole run. I sent a text to Theo explaining this and requesting a meet so we can discuss payment options for services rendered.
Sarai and I picked up Nigel from the Bar he moped off to and after a quick chat about needing backup and that after Amos gives him a Detox he can get drunk all over again he was all in. We arrived at the Club an hour early, there is no such thing as early, there’s late and there’s on time. Scoped the joint out and after Sarai dominated the local host, we picked out loitering positions and waited for Theo.
Long story short he met us in the club with two bodyguards but it wasn’t really him. Just some slot head with a nano mask. We made a deal and as I was on my way out, they made a move, we dont like double crosses, a gunfight ensued. It was over in seconds but Nigel took a hit. We made it out to the Van and headed back to the safehouse.


Tre bluehorndog

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